Psalm 148

Julie Tennent

1Praise the Lord! Praise from the heavens; praise Him in the heights above!
2Praise Him, all his angels, praise Him; all His hosts who know His love.
3Praise Him, sun and moon, and praise Him all you shining stars of light;
4Praise Him, all you highest heavens, and you waters in the height.

5Let all these works praise the Lord’s name; for He spoke – they came to be;
6He set them in place forever; everlasting His decree.
7Praise the Lord from all the earth, all ocean depths and creatures there;
8Lightning, hail, snow, clouds, and winds that do His bidding everywhere.

9Praise Him mountains and all hills, all fruit trees and all cedars, too;
10Creeping things and flying birds, all cattle and wild creatures, too.
11Kings of earth and all you nations, princes, rulers everywhere;
12Young men, old men, maidens, children – let all earth His praise declare.

13Let them ever praise the Lord’s name, for He is exalted high;
He alone is to be praised; His glory is above the sky.
14He has lifted up a horn for His own people all their days;
For the sons of Isr’el, who are near to Him – to Him be praise!


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!