Psalm 143

77.77 D
Timothy Tennent

1Lord God do hear my prayer,
Give ear to my cry to You;
May Your faithfulness and care
come to my relief like dew.
2Do not judge Your servant, Lord,
None stands righteous before You;
By Your mercy, we’re restored,
By Your righteousness, renewed.

3My en-e-my has pursued;
He has crushed me to the ground.
Like a dead man I am viewed;
Darkness closes all around.
4So my spirit faints in me!
My heart is dismayed, distressed;
And my soul is so thirsty,
In this land of barrenness!

5I remember days of old,
And recall Your works to view;
What Your hands wrought I behold,
6I spread out my hands to You.
7Answer me with haste, O Lord!
For my spirit faints in me;
May my life be not ignored,
Lest like those in death I’ll be.

8Let the morning bring me news
of Your steadfast love on high;
For my trust is all in You;
Show me to Your way, I cry!
For to You I lift my soul;
9Rescue me from enemies;
Lord God, I Thee extol,
And I hide myself in Thee. 

10Teach me, God, to do Your will;
May Your Spirit lead me so;
11For Your name’s sake, keep me still,
Lord God, from ev’ry foe.
In Your righteousness save me;
12In your love quell every fear;
Silence ev’ry enemy,
For I am Your servant here.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!