Psalm 140

Julie Tennent

1Rescue me, O Lord, from evil, violent men—O protect me!
2They devise plans in their hearts and stir up evil constantly.

3They make tongues as sharp as serpents, poison is upon their lips;
4Keep me, Lord, protect me from them, for my feet they plan to trip.

5Proud men hide a snare to catch me, they set traps along my way.
6I cry, “Lord, You are my God”; and for Your mercy I will pray.

7Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer; for the fight, Your shield I need;
8Don’t grant wicked their desires, Lord; do not let their plans succeed.

9May all those who do surround me be entrapped in their own lies;
10Burning coals fall down upon them, thrown in fire, never to rise.

11Let not slander be established; may disaster hunt them down; 
Those who slander – men of violence, all their deeds, Lord, do confound.

12For I know the Lord loves justice, and upholds the needy’s cause;
13And the upright ones will praise You; they will live who love Your laws.


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!