Psalm 132

76.76 D
Julie Tennent

1O Lord, remember David and all he did endure;
2He made a vow unto You, an oath to God he swore:
3/4 “I won’t rest in my own house, nor let my eyelids close,
5Till I provide a dwelling where Yahweh can repose.”

The mighty One of Jacob must have a dwelling place;
6We heard it in Ephrathah, and fields of open space.
7Let us go to His dwelling and worship Him aright,
8Arise, O Lord, and come there, You and Your ark of might.

9May priests be clothed with justice; Your saints with joy all sing;
10For David’s sake, Your servant, do not reject Your king.
11You swore an oath to David, an oath You’ll not revoke;
The Lord has sworn to David; these words He surely spoke:

“One of your own descendants I’ll place upon your throne;
12If your sons keep my cov’nant, the law I teach alone.
Then will their sons forever upon your throne rule well,
13For God has chosen Zion, the place He longs to dwell.

14“This is my place of respite, here will I sit enthroned;
For I have much desired it, my resting place alone.
15I’ll bless her with abundance; the poor will be well fed;
16I’ll clothe priests with salvation, her saints with joy be led.

17“Here in this place for David, I’ll make a horn to grow;
And set a lamp for him, the anointed one I know.
18His enemies will ever be clothed with scorn and shame;
But on his head the crown will be glor’ous with his fame.”


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