Psalm 119


77.77 Double
Charles Wesley

1Blessed are the pure in heart; Those who never disobey;
Never from their Lord depart, never leave His perfect way.
From all sin entirely freed; Here they walk with God above;
Born again, and saints indeed; fully perfected in loved.

2Blessed are the creatures new, who the law divine fulfill;
God with all their pow’rs pursue, answer all His holy will.
3They in thought shall sin no more; They in all His righteous ways
walk beyond the tempter’s power – to the utmost saved by grace.

4Thou hast charged us, Lord, t’obey all Thy words with all our heart:
From the rule we may not stray, may not in our thoughts depart.
5O might I through life be led by the unction from above,
In Thy every statute tread, keep the law by perfect love!

6Then, and not before, shall I stand above the reach of shame;
Sin and Satan’s charge defy, free from every touch of blame.
When I thy commandments keep, when I have respect to all,
Then my foot shall never slip; Then from Thee I shall not fall.

7Soon as I have learned Thy ways, with a perfect heart and pure;
Thee I shall forever praise, faithful to the end endure.
8Only keep me, Lord, till then; Do not from my weakness move;
Till my soul is born again; Strong in all the life of love!

9How shall a weak, sinful youth find his conscience purified?
Let him heed the voice of truth; Let him in Thy word abide.
10There the inward Guide shall meet; Teach his sprinkled heart t’obey;
Back recall his starting feet; Lead him in the perfect way.

11All my heart has sought Thy face; Do not suffer me to rove
from Thy own appointed ways; From the precepts of Thy love.
I have stood in constant awe, treasured up Thy word within;
Lest I should transgress Thy law, grieve Thee by the smallest sin.

12Source of happiness Thou art; Me, e’en me, vouchsafe to bless;
Wisdom in Thy law impart; Teach me, Lord, Thy righteousness.
13With my lips have I declared all the words that came from Thine;
Toil is here its own reward; happiness and duty join.

14In the records of Thy love, I have found a mine of joy;
All my treasure is above, while Thy words my thoughts employ.
15Still to search Thy word of grace, this my sweet employ shall be;
16Still to know Thy pleasant ways; still to love and walk in Thee.

17Thy unworthy servant, Lord, with abundant grace receive;
That I may fulfill Thy word; Bid me by Thy mercy live.
18Open Thou my inward eyes, from the book the veil remove;
That I may discern the prize, the high prize of perfect love.

19Known on earth to none but Thee; here a banished man I roam;
Let me Thy commandments see, show the light that guides me home.
All their deep design reveal; all their inward pow’r impart;
‘Grave them with thy Spirit’s seal on the tables of my heart.

20Faints my soul with strong desire, all Thy counsels to fulfill;
Only this I still require: Let me do Thy perfect will.
21Wretched and accursed are they, bruised by Thy afflictive rod;
Who from Thy commandments stray, proudly sin against their God.

22Far from me, O Lord, remove foul reproach and guilty shame;
I to keep Thy law have strove; I have suffered for Thy name.
23Mighty men and princes sat, threatening in the scorner’s chair;
All their haughty anger’s weight, meekly I rejoiced to bear.

Still I owned Thee for my Lord; Thee I feared, and thee alone;
Musing in the written word, in the pow’r of God went on.
24Strength, and counsel, and delight; by the word I still receive;
By the word I walk aright; by the word forever live.

25To the dust my spirit cleaves; Quicken me, my Life, my Lord!
Thee, my humbled soul receives, trembling hangs upon Thy word.
26I have all my sin declared; Once Thou did my pardon seal;
Show me now my prayer is heard; Teach me now Thy perfect will.

27Teach me Thy commands to do, so shall I proclaim Thy praise;
Joyfully to sinners show all the wonders of Thy grace.
28Melts my soul, with guilt dismayed; heavy-laden and oppressed;
Send me, Lord, the promised aid; Give the weary sinner rest.

29Every evil word and way, far from me, O God, remove!
Teach my willing heart t’obey, all the gracious law of love.
30I have chose the better part, the true way of life divine;
Thou my only portion art; All Thy pleasure shall be mine.

31Lord, I unto Thee have cleaved; Put me not to endless shame;
Me, who have Thy truth received; Me, who all Thy promise claim!
32Set my heart at liberty; Swiftly then my soul shall move;
Run the way prescribed by Thee; All the way of perfect love.

33Teach me, Lord, the perfect way; Me, who on Thy love depend;
Then I in Thy laws shall stay; I shall keep them to the end.
34Wisdom from above impart; Taught according to Thy will;
I shall then, with all my heart, all Thy kind commands fulfill.

35Cause me in Thy paths to go; All my comfort and delight;
All my happiness below is with Thee to walk aright.
36Set my heart on things above; Heav’n-ward let it still aspire;
Far from every creature-love; Far from every low desire.

37Turn away my roving eyes from beholding vanity;
Let me in Thine image rise; Find my hidden life in Thee.
38O fulfill the hallow’ing word; perfected in filial fear;
Make the servant as his Lord; Holy, pure, and spotless here.

39Turn away my dire disgrace; Turn away the dreaded ill;
True and righteous are Thy ways; Full of love unsearchable.
40I have longed Thy ways to know; Quicken this dead soul of mine;
Wholly sanctified below; Filled with all the life divine.

41Show me Thy salvation, Lord; Visit me with pard’ning grace;
O be mindful of thy word; Let the promise now take place.
42That to him who dares upbraid, boldly I may make reply:
“I have God my refuge made; Still I on Thy word rely.”

43The good word of truth from me, do not utterly remove;
I have longed, Thou knows, to see; See, and taste Thy faithful love.
44I have longed to do Thy will; I (if Thou vouchsafe the power)
All Thy pleasure shall fulfill; Keep Thy law, and sin no more.

45Following after righteousness, I the blessing shall attain;
Slavish fear and sin shall cease; I shall soon be born again;
46Walk in glorious liberty; Bold to kings Thy truth proclaim;
Tell them they may reign like me; More than kings through Jesus’ name.

47Thee, O Lord, I will obey; Thee with vast delight pursue;
Walking in Thy pleasant way; Glad Thy dear commands to do.
48Lo! for this I lift my hands, with a solemn oath approve,
All Thy merciful commands; All Thy gracious law of love.

48b Still to search the sacred word, my delightful task shall be;
Waiting here to meet my Lord, fully manifest in me.
Sweetly musing day and night on the dear Redeemer’s grace;
Till I gain that heav’nly height; Till I see thee face to face.

49Thee, O Lord, the good, the just; True and faithful, I receive;
Keep Thy word, in which I trust; Thou who gave me to believe.
50Hoping for Thy promised aid; comfort in my grief I find;
This my fainting mind has stayed; Still it stays my fainting mind.

51Me the proud have greatly scorned; Yet I still unshaken stood;
Never from Thy statutes turned; Never left the narrow road.
52On Thine ancient works I thought; Looked again the same to see;
Thou of old has wonders wrought; Wonders Thou shall work for me.

53Fearless of the scorners’ power; Fearful for their souls I was;
Saw hell open to devour, all who break Thy righteous laws.
54Lord, Thy laws my songs have been, in my pilgrimage below;
Kept by them from woe and sin; In a world of sin and woe.

55Thee, I have remembered, Lord; Musing in the silent night;
Loved Thy name, and kept Thy word; Pure and permanent delight.
56I did in Thy precepts prove, Heaven on earth obedience is;
Perfect liberty and love; Perfect pow’r and perfect peace.

57Thou my portion art, O Lord! Long-resolved through Thee I am;
To fulfill Thine ev’ry word; Give me but the help I claim.
58All my heart has sought Thy face; Still thy favor I implore;
Grant me now the promised grace; Bid me go and sin no more.

59All my sins I called to mind; Owned, and left them all for God;
Labored the right way to find; Thee with earnest zeal pursued.
60Turned my feet without delay; Longed Thine utmost will to prove;
Eager all thy law t’obey; Restless to retrieve Thy love.

61Spoiled and hated for Thy sake; Thee I never would forego;
Would not from Thy law turn back; O my Life, my Heav’n below.
62Thee I all day long will praise; Thee I will at midnight sing;
True and righteous are Thy ways; Glory to my God and King!

63Joined to all who fear the Lord; Them my dearest friends I own;
Them that keep Thy holy word; Saved by grace through faith alone.
64Earth is full of love divine; Love divine for all is free;
Teach me then the law benign; Guide and save and perfect me.

65Lord, Thou hast Thy word fulfilled; Good and gracious as Thou art;
On my heart the promise sealed; Wrote forgiveness on my heart!
66Teach me then Thy perfect will; I Thine every word receive;
All Thy law in me fulfill; Lord, I dare – I dare believe.

67Long I wandered from my God; Till affliction called me back;
Now I in Thy paths have trod; Them I will no more forsake.
68Good Thou art, and good Thou dost; Full of truth and full of grace;
Save me, Lord, to th’uttermost; Teach me all Thy righteous ways.

69Me the proud with lies pursued; I observed Thy precepts still;
Waiting in the ways of God, to perform Thine utmost will.
70Gross and callous is their heart; Nothing can their hardness move;
But my whole delight Thou art; Thee and all Thy laws I love.

71Good it is for me t’have known, the sad lesson of distress;
That I might my Teacher own; That I might my Savior bless.
Taught by Thine afflictive hand, Now I know Thy law t’obey;
Now I clearly understand – Suff’ring is the perfect way.

72Truth and grace unsearchable, in the sacred volume shine;
Who the worth immense can tell of that oracle divine?
Precious are Thy sayings, Lord! What a depth in each I see!
What a treasure is Thy word! More than all the world to me!

73Thou, O Lord, my Maker art; Mold and fashion Thy own clay;
Give a wise and docile heart; Teach Thy creature to obey.
74Then the servants of my Lord, Me with holy joy, shall see;
Me, who hang upon thy word; Me, who only trust in Thee.

75Just and right are all Thy ways; by affliction taught, I know;
Faithful to Thy word of grace; Thou has laid my spirit low.
76Lord, I in Thy promise hope; All Thy mercy I implore;
Let Thy mercy lift me up; Lift me up to fall no more.

77Visit me in tender love; For Thy law is my delight;
Fain I all Thy life would prove; Walk accepted in Thy sight.
78Put my haughty foes to shame; Men of hearts perverse are they;
But I ever fear thy name; Ever in Thy statutes stay.

79Those that have Thy precepts known; Those that fear and worship Thee;
Turn and gather into one; Join them to Thyself and me.
80Make my heart, like theirs, sincere; That I may triumphant rise;
Bold before my Judge appear; Claim my mansion in the skies.

81Weary, faint, through long delay; Waiting for Thy saving love;
On Thy word my soul I stay; Trust Thine utmost grace to prove.
82Fail my eyes with looking up; Long Thy promises to see;
When, Thou Object of my love, will Thou come and comfort me?

83Shriveled and dried up am I; Yet Thy law I do not leave;
84“Lord, how long,” I ever cry, “Shall Thy helpless servant grieve?
When shall all my griefs be past? When shall all my sins be o’er?
Judge and slay my foes at last; Make me more than conqueror.” 

85Sinners have Thy law broke through, my unwary soul t’ensnare;
86Yet Thy laws are good and true; True their awesome sanctions are.
Me, the persecuting foe is still ready to devour;
Help me, Lord, my sins o’erthrow; Save me from the tempter’s power.

87Here, my soul had almost failed; Sunk into the burning pit;
But I still Thy precepts held; Would not Thy commands forget.
88Give me now Thy life to feel; Quicken this dead soul of mine;
So I shall Thy law fulfill; All Thy law in love divine.

89Faithful, everlasting Lord, Standard of all truth and good!
Thy invariable word, from eternity has stood.
90To eternity it stands; This fair universal frame,
‘Stablished by almighty hands, speaks its great Creator’s fame. 

91Such as Thou did first ordain; Heav’n and earth continue still;
Still Thy word does all sustain; All obey Thy sovereign will.
92Had I not with joy abode, In the word of truth and grace,
I had sunk beneath my load; I had never seen thy face.

93From the precepts of Thy law, Never will I, Lord, depart;
They have kept my soul in awe; They have comforted my heart.
94Save me, Lord, for I am Thine; I have all Thy precepts sought;
Longed to keep the law divine; Spotless both in word and thought.

95Sinners have beset my way; Sought my ruin to insure;
But I in Thy precepts stay; Here I stand and walk secure.
96All of excellence beside, here I see its doom receives;
But Thy word shall still abide; But Thy word forever lives.

97How do I Thy precepts love! Musing on Thy word all day;
Through the sacred leaves I rove; Here I could forever stay.
98Wiser than my enemies, I through thy commandments am;
Kept thereby in perfect peace; All thy promises I claim.

99More than all my teachers, I through Thy testimonies know:
I to these my heart apply; Let all other knowledge go.
100Wiser than ungracious age, I, who in thy statutes tread,
Guided by the sacred page, Virtue is the hoary head.

101I from every evil way, have refrained my weary feet;
That I might Thy word obey, might to all Thy will submit.
102I have not Thy paths forsook; Thou Thyself has been my guide;
Kept me by the sacred book; Made me in Thy word abide.

103O, what manna is Thy word! O what vast delight I meet!
When I taste my gracious Lord, honey is not half so sweet.
104Heav’nly wisdom here I gain; Walking in Thy word with thee;
Every evil way disdain; Thou art all in all to me.

105Lord, Thy word’s unerring light, as a lamp my path does show;
Guides my steady feet aright; Every one that does shall know.
106I have sworn to do Thy will; Through Thine all-sufficient grace;
I shall all my vows fulfill; Shall fulfill all righteousness.

107Troubled and distressed I am; O be mindful of Thy word!
Grant the promised help I claim; Speak me now to life restored.
108Thanks for all Thy former grace, from a willing heart receive;
Still instruct me in Thy ways; Bid me to Thy glory live.

109Lord, my life is in my hand, ever sinking into hell;
Yet I in Thy precepts stand, In the paths of duty dwell.
110Me the world hath sought t’ensnare; Joining with my treacherous heart,
Yet from Thee I did not err; Would not from Thy statutes start.

111I have Thy commandments took, for my heritage below;
From the volume of Thy book, All my joys and comforts flow.
112In obedience to thy will, I have longed my life to spend;
All Thy statutes to fulfill; Serve and love Thee to the end.

113Every evil thought and vain; Lord, Thou knows I disapprove;
Sin with all my heart disdain; Only thy pure law I love.
114Thou, my shield on every side; Thou my sure asylum art;
In Thy promise I confide; Will not from Thy word depart.

115Sinners, hence! be far away; Ye that evil paths pursue!
I will only God obey; I will His commandments do.
116Hold my feeble goings up; Lord, Thy promise I receive;
I shall then obtain my hope; Free from sin forever live.

117O support me with Thy hand; And I then shall walk secure;
Keep Thy every kind command; Faithful to the end endure!
118All who from thy statutes stray, Thou in wrath hast trodden down;
False, deceitful souls are they; They and wickedness are one.

119Them Thou dost as dross at last, from the face of earth remove;
Therefore will I hold Thee fast; Thee and Thy commandments love.
120Thee, with reverential fear, Just and merciful I see;
Tremble at Thy judgments near; Triumph in Thy grace to me.

121Lord, thou know’st my uprightness; I to all have justly done;
Suffer not my foes t’oppress one that hurts and injures none.
122Answer, for Thy servant, thou; Let not haughty men devour;
Save my innocencey now; Snatch me from th’oppressor’s pow’r.

123Fail my eyes with looking up, Thy salvation here to see;
Still I for the promise hope – All the promise is for me.
124With Thy lowest servant, Lord, deal according to Thy grace;
O fulfill Thy faithful word; Teach me all Thy righteous ways!

125Only Thee I serve below; Grant me wisdom from above;
That I may Thy statutes know; Know Thee by obedient love.
126Lord, ‘tis time t’apply Thy hand; Sinners cry, “It cannot be:
God who gave the vain command, cannot keep it all in me.”

127Therefore, will I love Thee more; All Thy dear commandments prize;
An inestimable store; Good they are, and right and wise;
128Practicable all through Thee, I shall find the perfect pow’r;
See them all fulfilled in me; Live renewed, and sin no more.

129Wonderful Thy statutes are; Therefore, does my soul regard;
Keep them with an awesome care; Find them here my great reward.
130Soon as e’er Thy word takes place, Light it does and wisdom give;
Then the children learn thy ways; Then the simple hearts believe.

131Lord, I have with strong desire, panted to obey Thy will;
Give thee all Thy laws require; All Thy gracious words fulfill.
132I Thy promised mercy claim; See me, with compassion see!
Join to those who love Thy name, Perfect all Thy love in me!

133Help me in Thy steps to tread, Let not sin dominion have;
Till Thou make me free indeed; Till Thou to the utmost save.
134Save me from the world and sin; So will I Thy precepts do;
When Thy law is wrote within; When I am a creature new.

135Lord, I am and will be Thine; Show me thy enlightening grace;
Cause on me Thy face to shine; Teach me all Thy righteousness;
136Teach the souls o’er whom I weep, For whose sins my eyes o’erflow;
O that all thy law would keep! O that all Thy love would know!

137Sovereign, everlasting Lord, Thou art perfect righteousness;
Pure is Thine unerring word; Upright are Thy high decrees.
138Righteous all Thy statutes are; Thee ‘the merciful’ they prove;
Thee ‘the faithful’ they declare; Full of truth, and full of love.

139Swallowed up with fervent zeal, my presumptuous foes I see;
Who against my God rebel; Slight the law prescribed by thee.
140Holy is Thy word and right; Therefore, does my heart embrace;
Loves it with a pure delight; Freely, joyfully obeys.

141Small I am in my own eyes; Poor and despicably low;
Yet I still Thy precepts prize; Will not from Thy statutes go.
142Truth and righteousness divine, Essence of Thy precepts is –
Truth which shall through ages shine; Everlasting righteousness.

143Pain and anguish and affright, oft my troubled soul assail;
Yet Thy law is my delight; Stays when all my comforts fail.
144Never can Thy word remove; Thou the heavenly wisdom give;
I shall then be saved by love; Free from sin forever live.

145Hear me, O my gracious Lord! “Help,” with all my heart I cried;
“Fixed I am to keep Thy word; Save me, or my goings slide!”
146“Save me,” still I cried to Thee; “Save me from the tempter’s will;
I shall then the promise see; I shall all Thy law fulfill.”

147Thee, before the dawn of day, has my eager soul pursued;
Cried, and waited in the way; Hoped for my redeeming God.
148To behold Thy lovely face; Many a sleepless night I mourn;
Musing on the word of grace; Watching for my Lord’s return.

149Hear me, Lord, in tender love; Good and gracious as Thou art;
All the death of sin remove; Quicken this poor drooping heart.
150They that hunt my soul draw nigh; full of mischievous design;
Bold Thy threat’nings to defy; Tramplers on Thy law divine.

151But Thou nearer art, O Lord! True Thy every precept is; 
Sure is the annexed reward; Sure the dreadful penalties.
152Damned are they that disbelieve; Thou hast fixed the firm decree;
Saved, whoe’er the truth receive; Saved to all eternity!

153See and save me in distress! Lo, on Thee my soul I stay;
Looking for Thy kind release; Longing all Thy law t’obey!
154O my dear redeeming Lord, plead my cause with God above;
Mindful of Thy gracious word; Quicken me by faith and love.

155Strangers to Thy saving grace, They who cast Thy laws behind;
Sinners will not seek Thy face – Thee, while all who seek, may find.
156But Thy grace for all is free; Lord, Thy proffer I receive;
Show Thy faithfulness to me; Bid me by Thy mercy live.

157Sin, the world, and hell oppose, This weak, helpless soul of mine;
Safe I walk through all my foes; Do not from Thy paths decline.
158Sinners I with pity saw; Grieved for their iniquity;
Wretches that transgressed thy law; Fled from happiness and Thee.

159How do I Thy precepts love! My desires to Thee are known;
All Thy life I long to prove; Save me by Thy grace alone.
160Lives the promise of Thy grace; Stood from the beginning sure;
Every word of righteousness, shall from age to age endure.

161Princes have, with cruel rage, Causelessly my soul pursued;
Resting on the sacred page; I could only look to God.
162Filled with reverential awe, Still I in Thy word confide;
Fearing to transgress Thy law; Nothing can I fear beside.

163Joyful at Thy word, as one that has found a precious store;
There I search for bliss unknown; Every other quest give o’er.
Hating all deceitful ways, I Thy law with joy approve;
164Offer Thee continual praise; Bless Thee for thy faithful love.

165They that in Thy law delight, kept in perfect peace below, 
Stand unshaken, by Thy might; Nothing shall their steps o’erthrow.
166I have languished for Thy grace; Grace that makes salvation known;
Kept me in Thy righteous ways; Gladly Thy commandments done.

167Every word enjoined by Thee, joyfully my soul approved;
With unfeigned sincerity, all Thy testimonies loved.
168All my ways are in Thy sight; I on Thee alone depend;
Lord, direct my goings right; Lead and save me to the end!

169Lord, regard my earnest cry; Hear me from Thy holy place;
Give me the enlightened eye; Guide me by Thy promised grace!
170O accept my humble prayer; Bring the promised succors in;
Save me from the fowler’s snare; Save me from the world and sin!

171Me, when Thou has taught Thy way, by the unction from above;
I Thy glory shall display; Show the wonders of Thy love.
172Joyfully Thy name declare, never from Thy praises cease;
Righteous all Thy judgments are; True are all Thy promises.

173Reach me out Thy helping hand; I have chose the better part;
Loved Thine every kind command; Longed to keep them from my heart.
174I have Thy salvation sought; Happy could I do Thy will;
Pure in deed, and word, and thought, Could I all Thy law fulfill.

175Let me in Thine image live, Fully by Thy word restore;
Thee I then Thine own shall give; Love and praise Thee evermore.
176Fain I would Thy statutes keep, spotless as my Master be;
Jesus, seek Thy wandering sheep; Make me all complete in Thee.

The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!