Psalm 107

77.77 D (Julie Tennent)

1O give thanks unto the Lord, for He’s good, His love endures;
2Let the Lord‘s redeemed say this—those whose life He has procured;
3From the hand of all their foes, gathered in from every land;
East and west, from south and north, those He gathered by His hand.

4Some in desert wastelands strayed, to a city, found no way;
5Filled with hunger and with thirst, till their life did ebb away.
6Then they cried out to the Lord, in their trouble and distress;
7He led them by a straight way to a city, safe and bless’d.

8Let them give their thanks to Him, to the Lord for all His love;
And His wondrous deeds for men, sent unfailing from above.
9For the thirsty, He does fill, all their thirst He satisfies;
And the hungry, He feeds still, with good things His hand provides.

10Some in darkness and in gloom sat as prisoners in chains,
11For they had rebelled ‘gainst God, and His counsel did disdain.
12Bitter labor God did send; when they stumbled, none would bless.
13They cried to the Lord in grief; He saved them from their distress.

14Out from darkness and deep gloom, God brought them and broke their chains.
15Let them thank the Lord above, for His wondrous deeds remain;
For His great unfailing love, which unendingly is ours;
16For He breaks down gates of bronze, and cuts through the iron bars.

17Some were fools with rebel ways, in affliction they were left;
18For their sins, they could not eat, and drew near the gates of death.
19Then they cried out to the Lord, in their trouble and distress;
20He sent forth His word and healed, rescued them in faithfulness.

21Let them give thanks to the Lord, for His faithfulness again;
For His great unfailing love, and His wondrous deeds for men.
22Let them sacrifice with praise, and with thanks their off’rings make;
Tell of all His works always, sing with joy for His name’s sake.

23Others sailed the sea in ships, merchants on the waters’ might.
24There they saw the Lord‘s great works, wondrous deeds in the deep’s sight.
25For He spoke and stirred the waves, tempests lifted high the sea;
26Up to heavens, down to depths, peril made their courage flee.

27Then they staggered, like drunk men, truly at their own wits’ end;
28And they cried out to the Lord in their trouble once again
29and He brought them from distress; stilled the storm and hushed the waves.
30They were glad when all was calm; He had guided them and saved.

31Let them give thanks to the Lord, for His faithfulness again;
For His vast unfailing love, and His wondrous deeds for men.
32Let them all exalt His name, as the people gather round;
Council of the elders, too—let their praises all abound.

33He turned rivers into sand, springs into a desert land;
34Fruitful ground into a waste, due to wicked in the land.
35He turned deserts into pools, parched dry ground to flowing springs,
36There He brought the poor to live, there a city new life brings.

37They sowed fields and planted vines, yielding fruitful harvest there.
38He bless’d them and they increased, with their herds they flourished there.
39Then with deep calamity, they were humbled and decreased;
40He who has contempt for pride made them wander like the beasts.

41But He lifted needy ones out of their affliction’s way;
And increased their families, and their cattle day by day.
42Those upright rejoice and see, but the wicked have no word.
43Let the wise heed all these things; see the great love of the Lord.


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