Psalm 106

CM (86.86)
From The Book of Psalms for Worship, © Crown and Covenant, used with permission

1O praise the Lord! O thank the Lord, for bountiful is He;
Because His lovingkindness lasts through all eternity.
2O who can fully praise the Lord, or count His deeds of might?
3How blessed are they who justice keep, and always do what’s right.

4Remember me with favor, Lord, which You Your people show.
O come to me, draw near that I may Your salvation know;
5That with Your chosen ones, I may enjoy prosperity;
And may with Your inheritance, in You boast joyfully.

6With all our fathers, we have sinned; We have done wickedly;
7Our fathers did not understand Your signs in Egypt seen;
Though they Your acts of love forgot, and at the Sea rebelled,
8He saved them still, for His name’s sake; His power they beheld.

9The Red Sea dried at His rebuke; He led them on dry land.
10He saved them from their hostile foes; Redeemed them from their hand.
11The waters drowned their enemies; Not one of them remained.
12His people then believed His words; His praise in song proclaimed.

13His people soon forgot His works, did not wait for His will;
14But lusted in the wilderness, and God they tested still.
15So then He listened to their pleas, and heard their sad lament;
But He, while granting their request, a deadly sickness sent.

16They envied Moses in the camp; His leadership they shunned;
They envied Aaron’s priestly rank, the Lord’s anointed one.
17The opened earth on Dathan closed, Abiram’s kin entombed;
18A fire blazed in their company, and wicked ones consumed.

19And they at Horeb forged a calf; before its image kneeled;
20Exchanged their Glory for an ox that grazes in the field.
21Then God their Savior they forgot, in Egypt His great deeds;
22His wonders in the land of Ham, signs by the Sea of Reeds.

23And so He said He would destroy, if Moses, His elect
stood not before Him in the breach, His anger to deflect.
24Then they despised the pleasant land, did not believe His word.
25Instead, they grumbled in their tents, and disobeyed the Lord.

26He therefore vowed to cast them down, there in the desert sands;
27Among the nations cast their seed, and scatter through the lands.
28With Ba-al Peor they had joined, ate off’rings to the dead;
29They stirred His anger with their deeds; The plague among them spread.

30The plague was stopped when Phin-e-has arose and intervened;
31This was accounted righteousness through all eternity.
32At Meribah, they angered Him, on Moses grief they brought;
33For they provoked his spirit there; His speech was rash and hot.

34They did not heed the Lord’s command that peoples should be slain;
35Instead they mingled in their land, learned practices profane.
36They worshipped other foreign gods, became ensnared by these;
37They gave their sons and daughters up, that demons be appeased.

38The blood of daughters and of sons – blood of the guiltless child –
Was sacrificed to Canaan’s gods; The land became defiled.
39The people thus became unclean, defiled within their heart;
For in their deeds and practices, they played the harlot’s part.

40And so against His people burned the anger of the Lord;
Then His own people He despised, His heritage abhorred.
41God put His tribes in foreign hands; Those hating them had rule;
42And they were subjugated by their enemies so cruel.

43Though often He delivered them, they always turned from Him;
And following their evil plan, sank deeper yet in sin.
44Yet their distress He looked upon; Their cry to Him was heard;
45And He recalled His covenant, for their sake kept His word. 

Then He relented in His grace, and for His mercy’s sake,
46He caused their captors to relent, and on them pity take.
47Deliver us, O Lord, our God; from foreign lands reclaim;
That we may glory in Your praise, and thank Your holy name.

48The Lord be blessed, yes Isr’el’s God, through all eternity;
O people, praise the Lord and say, “Amen! Yes, let it be!”


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