Psalm 104
From the Trinity Psalter, © Crown and Covenant, used with permission

1My soul, bless the Lord! Lord God, You are great!
With honor arrayed, majestic in state;
2You cover yourself with a garment of light,
And stretch out the sky as a curtain by night.

3The beams of Your courts in waters You laid;
On wings of the wind, Your pathway You made.
4The clouds are Your chariot; the winds do Your will;
The flames and the lightnings, Your pleasure fulfill.

5You set up the earth on foundations sure,
That always it should unshaken endure.
6The deep, like a garment about it You cast;
The waters stood high; over mountains they passed.

7But at Your rebuke, the high waters fled;
Your thunder they heard and fast away sped.
8The mountains arose, and the valleys sank low;
The place You appointed for them now they know.

9To hold waters fast, You set up their bound,
Lest turning again, they cover the ground.
10You make springs gush forth in the valleys below,
And cause rushing streams between mountains to flow.

11The beasts of the field, they furnish with drink;
The wild donkeys quench their thirst on the brink.
12The birds make their nests in the trees by the spring;
And there in the branches, they joyfully sing.

13You water the hills with rain from your sky;
With fruit of Your works, the earth satisfy.
14To nourish the cattle, You cause grass to grow;
For creatures who serve man, the plants You bestow.

So man brings forth food by working the earth;
15And wine that he grows, his heart fills with mirth;
To make his face shine, he extracts fragrant oil,
And finds bread that strengthens his heart for his toil.

16The trees of the Lord are all watered well;
Great cedars high up on Lebanon dwell.
17There birds build their nests; the stork makes firs its home;
18On high rocks, the badgers and goats safely roam.

19The moon You have set the seasons to show;
The sun will its time for each setting know.
20When You make the darkness, the night follows day,
And beasts of the forest creep forth seeking prey.

21The young lions roar, from God begging meat,
22But at the sunrise, they quickly retreat;
And deep in their dens all day hide from the light;
23While man works and labors abroad till the night.

24How many works, Lord, in wisdom You’ve made!
How full on the earth, Your riches displayed!
25Out yonder the ocean, how great and how wide,
Where small and great creatures unnumbered abide!

26Where ships sail the deep, Leviathans play;
27These all look to You to give food each day.
28Whatever You give them, they gather for food;
When Your hand You open, You fill them with good.

29When You hide Your face, bewildered they yearn;
30When You take their breath, to dust they return.
When You send your spirit, created are they;
The face of the ground You renew every day.

31Forever, O may the Lord’s glory stand!
The Lord shall enjoy each work of His hand.
32He looks on the earth and it trembles in fear;
When He touches mountains, the smoke will appear.

33I’ll sing to the Lord as long as I live;
Sing praise to my God while life He will give.
34My thoughts about Him will sweet pleasure afford,
For I am rejoicing each day in the Lord.

35Consumed from the earth, let sinners then be;
The wicked in life, no more let us see.
And now, O my soul, blessing give to the Lord;
Let glad hallelujahs ring; O praise the Lord!


The Psalms are the hymnbook of the people of God, and they are meant to be sung. Join us on this exciting journey as we learn to sing the Word!