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What’s the Preaching Collective?

The Preaching Collective represents a growing cadre of contributors from across the Wesleyan connection committed to providing you with some of the experienced preaching help you may not have learned in seminary.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to view new content that will provide you with tools for your preaching toolbox, including practical tips for preaching in different situations, sermon series ideas and outlines, wisdom from veteran preachers and professors, and a host of other resources that you can read and use with your congregation or share with other preachers in your network. The Preaching Collective will be a place where preachers can share ideas, ask questions, get advice, and learn from one another.

Who’s it for?

Preachers. Plain and simple.

Recent Articles

Sometimes asking yourself questions will help you answer the "so what" factor in your sermon. Josh Duckworth shares three questions that will help you communicate to your congregation why they should care about what you have to say.

How much does your preaching style really matter? Talbot Davis shares about the power of evocative preaching.

This week we sat down with Adam Kline to continue our conversation about personality types and dug into a deeper discussion of the dichotomies of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

We all know the historical background of a sermon text can be vitally important. Bob Kaylor explains how you can present the historical background of a sermon text without losing your audience.

You prepared well for that sermon. You were excited to present it to your congregation, but when it came time for delivery, it flopped! Rich Jones shares what to do when your sermon dies in transit.

This week we sat down with Adam Kline to talk about personality types and what that means for preaching and understanding our audience.

What are the words you most want to hear? Bob Kaylor shares three of the phrases people crave to hear the most and what they reveal about the good news of Jesus Christ.

This week we sat down with Glenn Pauuw to talk about learning to read and live the Bible well.

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Are you struggling to plan for future sermons? Rich Jones suggests holding a "Big Idea Night" in order to find ideas for your series.

This week we sat down with Jim Kinder to talk about what it's like to plan sermons with a team of teaching pastors.

How vulnerable is too vulnerable? Jim Kinder shares how to be vulnerable without oversharing in your sermons.

Have you ever been confused by the whole law vs. grace thing? Preaching Collective offers a helpful explanation according to John Wesley.

This week we sat down with Lenny Luchetti and Aaron Perry, both professors of preaching at Wesley Seminary in Marion, Indiana to talk about the pros and cons of video venues when it comes to preaching.

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