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What’s the Preaching Collective?

The Preaching Collective represents a growing cadre of contributors from across the Wesleyan connection committed to providing you with some of the experienced preaching help you may not have learned in seminary.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to view new content that will provide you with tools for your preaching toolbox, including practical tips for preaching in different situations, sermon series ideas and outlines, wisdom from veteran preachers and professors, and a host of other resources that you can read and use with your congregation or share with other preachers in your network. The Preaching Collective will be a place where preachers can share ideas, ask questions, get advice, and learn from one another.

Who’s it for?

Preachers. Plain and simple.

Recent Articles

Christmas Day is on Sunday this year, and many churches are considering not having a service that morning since many have services the night before. Bob Kaylor shares why you should continue with your normally scheduled Sunday service.

This week, Bob Kaylor tries to help out those of you who may be struggling with coming up with a fresh Advent sermon series.

Unsure what to preach after this election? Bob Kaylor shares a sermon based on Isaiah 6.

What would Francis Asbury say to preachers today? Matt Friedeman shares wisdom from long ago that still applies to us today.

So often, we feel like taking a day off is counterproductive to doing the seemingly unending work of ministry. Adam Kline shares why Sabbath-keeping matters.

This week listen as Bob Kaylor talks with Rich Jones about preaching, prayer and sermon prep from a spiritual standpoint.

Stewardship sermons got you down? Jim Kinder shares a cure for the stewardship season blues!

This week listen as Bob Kaylor talks with Rich Jones about preaching during the presidential election.

How do you encourage people who are in their golden years of life? Chris Howlett shares about preaching the good news in the nursing home.

Tired of begging for tithes and offerings? Thad Austin shares some key problems most pastors have when addressing their congregations about giving.

This week listen as Bob Kaylor talks with Rich Jones about five ways you can avoid the "New Seminary Grad" disease and be able to communicate and connect with your new congregation.

Are you concerned about how you can preach this year on the day before All Saints' Day? Adam Kline shares the history of the day and ideas for how to serve others.

How would Jesus vote this November? Jeremy Smith shares a sermon that might actually be productive during this election cycle.

This week listen as Bob Kaylor talks about the Narrative Lectionary.

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