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What’s the Preaching Collective?

The Preaching Collective represents a growing cadre of contributors from across the Wesleyan connection committed to providing you with some of the experienced preaching help you may not have learned in seminary.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to view new content that will provide you with tools for your preaching toolbox, including practical tips for preaching in different situations, sermon series ideas and outlines, wisdom from veteran preachers and professors, and a host of other resources that you can read and use with your congregation or share with other preachers in your network. The Preaching Collective will be a place where preachers can share ideas, ask questions, get advice, and learn from one another.

Who’s it for?

Preachers. Plain and simple.

Recent Articles

Getting out of the pulpit and getting involved in the community where you serve is a great way to build and grow relationships and get to know yourself. Bob Kaylor talks with Jim Kinder how he stepped out of the pulpit to connect with those outside of his church.

Many preaching experts tell us that shorter sermons are better due to the short attention spans of 21st century people. The evidence from sermons from some of the most popular preachers in America, however, indicates that sermons over 30 minutes are standard. In this episode of the podcast, Bob Kaylor talks with Teddy Ray about debunking the myth that shorter is better.

Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, what advice would you give your younger self? Listen as Bob Kaylor talks about five pieces of wisdom he would impart on his younger self.

Often times as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter Sunday we overlook Holy Saturday. Listen as Bob Kaylor talks about confronting the grave.

This week, Bob Kaylor talks about the three D's of storytelling—details, dialogue, and delayed denouemen.

This week, Bob Kaylor shares some ideas about what to do with the content that gets cut from your sermon.

This week, Bob Kaylor sits down with Adam Kline to talk about preaching to new christians and not-yet christians.

This week, Bob Kaylor sits down with Adam Kline to talk about how he has been preaching thematically through the Epistles and how it has fit into the current place of the church.

Do you know the difference between indoctrination and discipleship? Adam Kline shares the best way of teaching others to grow in their faith.

This week, Bob Kaylor talks about preaching the Epistles and why it's important.

Why don't you ever give an altar call? Josh Duckworth shares a Wesleyan view on preaching and salvation.

This week, Bob Kaylor talks about using sermon starters to help jump start your sermon prep each week and how to use it effectively.

This week, Bob Kaylor talks about the seven habits of highly effective preachers.

This week, Bob Kaylor talks about three books on the cross and crucifixion that may help you prepare for the Lenten season.

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