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The Daily Text

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"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." (Jesus)

The reason most of us are stuck is we do not have the kinds of relationships it takes to sustain the level of work the Holy Spirit wills to do in our lives.

New Room Podcast

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Join Aaron Perry as he talks to Mike Strauss and Chris Reese, editors of the new Dictionary of Christianity and Science: The Definitive Reference for the Interpretation of Christian Faith and Contemporary Science.

Join Jeremy Steele as he sits down with Matt LeRoy to talk about a new study in the works on the book of Acts called How to Start a Fire.

Seven Minute Seminary

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Watch today's Seven Minute Seminary by Dr. Svetlana Khobnya as she offers an overview of the Fatherhood of God present in Old Testament Scripture.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken reminds the church why it matters that Jesus was very human, and what this means for our faith.

Threshing Floor

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It's Ascension day! For our second-to-last episode, we sit down with our former boss, current friend, and always Jedi High Master, JD. Walt. We've...

Welcome to the Threshing Floor. We talk with Pete Greig, founder of the 24/7 prayer movement and author. This conversation comes live from New Room 2016.

Youth Ministry Collective

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This week, the collective talks about when is the right time to start planning for your fall activities.

What could possibly prepare you for working with teenagers? Listen as the collective talks about what training they recommend to be a youth worker.

Preaching Collective

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In this week's episode, Bob Kaylor talks about preaching your final sermon.

As busy preachers, we often want to find the meaning within the text on the first pass. In this week's episode, Bob Kaylor talks with Lawson Stone about digging deeper to find the message within the scripture.

Church Planter Collective

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Join Beau Hamner as he shares part of his journey to ministering to people on the margins and what he learned through that ministry.

Young adults can be passionate, distracted, intense, and ripe for discipleship. Join Head Coach Greg Tonagel and Associate Head Coach Jeff Clark of Indiana Wesleyan University Men's Basketball as they discuss how their own discipleship journeys have formed the program they oversee, helping to use basketball as a tool of discipleship.

Church Leader Collective

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Given the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we have decided to dedicate some time to discussing church leadership and racial reconciliation. On today's podcast, we sat down to talk with Scott Dickison, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia.

The church has been called to be a multiethnic body. On today's podcast, we continue our conversation with Brandon Spencer to talk about what churches and church leaders can do to support diversity in their church.