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The Daily Text

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Humility frees me to not only embrace myself but to accept others.

Jesus is not looking for those who pledge to become loyalists but for those who will not stop until their entire existence is defined by the capital L Love of God. That's what it takes to be a disciple maker.

New Room Podcast

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Listen as Jeremy Steele sat down with Danielle Strickland during the New Room Conference to talk about fighting human trafficking and sexual slavery.

Listen as Jeremy Steele sat down with Pete Grieg during the New Room Conference to talk about how to pray when you don't have words after a major disaster.

Seven Minute Seminary

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What is God doing in the world through his church? In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Prabhu Singh works through the three waves of Protestant missions, and then describes the five marks of the new global missions movement.

In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Jonathan Powers encourages churches to design their worship services in a way that faithfully acts out the story of Jesus.

Threshing Floor

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In this episode, our hosts talk with the Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins about church planting, Anglicanism, and home discipleship. Our entire conversation topics include: The...

Our hosts sit down to talk about the missional side of advent and how folks can take a few steps deeper into the tradition. We also talk about favorite traditions around Christmas both at home and in the church.

Youth Ministry Collective

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Listen as the collective shares some of their most unique summer trip ideas.

Listen as the collective talks about their biggest wins of 2016.

Preaching Collective

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This week, Bob Kaylor talks about three books on the cross and crucifixion that may help you prepare for the Lenten season.

This week, Bob Kaylor continues his discussion with Adam Kline about sustaining longevity in preaching.

Church Planter Collective

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The Kingdom of God is ethnically and culturally diverse, but our churches often still look mono-cultural. How can your church start to look like the community around you? How can you facilitate multiple cultures, generations, and languages in your church?

Join Dr. Patrick Eby, Assistant Professor of Church History at Wesley Seminary as he shares part of his story of race and reconciliation in the church and some practical insights for church planters.

Church Leader Collective

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On today's podcast, we are joined by Rev. Gabe Lawson to discuss his experience with a new church plant.

On today's podcast, we are joined by Dr. Mac Pier to discuss Movement Day.