The Daily Text

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The two fundamentals of discipleship are the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Do we know the Scriptures? Do we know the power of God? There is a real sense that unless we "know" both we know neither.

To the extent that we place our hope in the Democrats or the Republicans, or the man-made institutions and machinations of our government—to that extent, we are hopeless.

New Room Podcast

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Listen as Jeremy Steele and John Wigger sit down to talk about camp meetings.

Listen as Jeremy Steele and Kevin Henson talk about Compassion International.

Seven Minute Seminary

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Many Christians refer to the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments as the "silent years." In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Caleb Friedeman suggests that this is a mistake.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Scott T. Carroll shows how whether it be athletic references, or family structures, familiarizing ourselves with the ancient world can help us understand the Bible's message more profoundly.

Threshing Floor

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At the 2016 New Room Conference, our hosts gather around the microphones of two of our favorite people. We fired up the mics and let the Holy Spirit roll. What happened was a fascinating conversation about ministry.

We reflect on over 3 years of The Threshing Floor and talk about some shifts and changes we want to take. Our big conversation is about game changer gatherings and what it means to come together with other people.

Youth Ministry Collective

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Join Jeremy Steele as he sits down with the collective to talk about how to identify and deal with an over committed volunteer.

Join Jeremy Steele as he sits down with youth ministers to talk about the importance and implementation of Safe Sanctuaries in your Youth Ministry.

Preaching Collective

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This week we sat down with Jessica LaGrone to talk about how preparation leads to proclamation.

This week we sat down with Adam Kline to continue our conversation about personality types and dug into a deeper discussion of the dichotomies of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Church Planter Collective

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Join the conversation with Aaron Perry and Cory Doiron about developing and discovering values, being neighbors, and becoming regulars.

Where should your church plant meet? Where is the prime location for you? Join Dr. Ed Love, National Director for Church Multiplication of the Wesleyan Church to hear about the nuts and bolts of selecting a church plant location.

Church Leader Collective

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This week we sat down Ryan Stigile from The Unstuck Group to talk about budget cuts.

This week we sat down to discuss the budgeting process and the different ways various churches approach the budget.