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What’s the Faith and Work Collective?

The Faith and Work Collective is a blog community designed to provide resources that encourage leaders to mobilize congregations and communities in the integration of faith with work and economics that witnesses to God’s purposes in word and deed to every society.

Who’s it for?

In a lot of ways, the posts we share here are created to help church leaders to better engage their congregations. In a lot of other ways, the Faith and Work Collective is for any person looking for ways to integrate their Christian faith with the hours they spend each week in a secular work world.

Recent Articles

Transitioning jobs can be difficult especially when transitioning from the business world to the non-profit! On today's podcast, we sit down with Fred Halfpap from First UMC in Murfreesboro, TN to talk about how to make that transition as smooth as possible and find meaning and purpose in your new role.

One way churches are reaching so many people is by broadcasting their services! On today's podcast, we continue our conversation with Nick Key from Southland Church as he talks about building a Creative Team.

Why am I even here?! Nick Cash explains that the times of greatest stress can be the times when you are most tempted to throw up your hands and give up, because it is easy to lose sight of your purpose.

Interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship? Milton and Synolve Craft share about their business, Sow Green Sow Good, and the impact it is making in the world.

Media is an excellent way to engage your congregation in worship and telling stories! On today's podcast, we talk with Nick Key about using media in worship.

What would happen if one church invested in those young people who want to change the world? Brian Jones shares his experience with his church partnering with social entrepreneurs to make the world better.

If God can heal us, why do we need healthcare? Nicholas Cash shares why healthcare matters to God and why it should also matter to us.

It's important to take a step back and evaluate how effective your ministry is in the life of your church and community. On today's podcast, we are joined by Eric Burton-Krieger as he talks about evaluating the effectiveness of ministry.

How can you create godly space in your work environment? Patricia Orlando shares how you can make space for others to grow.

As pastors, we often have to wear multiple hats. On today's podcast, we are joined by Jacob Dorrell and Gabe Lawson as they talk about managing responsibilities.

How can faith in the marketplace be worked out in real life? William O'Neal shares an example of what it is like when work and discipleship flourish together.

We've all heard bad things about woodcutters who won't stop to sharpen their axes, but does adequate rest really make that much of a difference? Nick Cash shares why you want to make sure that you are setting a healthy pace for yourself.

On today's podcast, we are joined by Jacob Dorrell and Gabe Lawson as they talk about their experiences leading and ministering in diverse contexts.

When we have had a bad day or a difficult situation at work, it is good to have someone who understands. Kevin Kinghorn explains why you might find some of those understanding friends between the covers of your Bible.

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