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What’s the Faith and Work Collective?

The Faith and Work Collective is a blog community designed to provide resources that encourage leaders to mobilize congregations and communities in the integration of faith with work and economics that witnesses to God’s purposes in word and deed to every society.

Who’s it for?

In a lot of ways, the posts we share here are created to help church leaders to better engage their congregations. In a lot of other ways, the Faith and Work Collective is for any person looking for ways to integrate their Christian faith with the hours they spend each week in a secular work world.

Recent Articles

This week we sat down with Dr. Aaron Perry from Indiana Wesleyan University to talk about leadership theory, leadership principles and spiritual formation.

How much does discipleship really matter? Kevin Kinghorn shares how Christians are called to work themselves out of a job.

Sometimes pastors are not equipped to deal with the type and intensity of problems a member may be experiencing. Misty Lawrence explains how to know when it is time to refer your member to a therapist.

This week we sat down Ryan Stigile from The Unstuck Group to talk about budget cuts.

How do we, as a church, think in a godly way about money? Kevin Kinghorn shares how our theology should drive our economics.

What do you do when someone in your congregation needs emotional or psychological help you aren't equipped to provide? Misty Lawrence shares the importance of having a network of counselors to draw from.

What does it really mean to be perfect like Jesus? Kevin Kinghorn explains how a different perspective may help you avoid discouraging yourself.

What can something as worldly and commercialized as the iPhone teach the church? Samuel Ahn shares the strong impact of feeling like you're a part of a larger community and something that is bigger than yourself.

This week we sat down to discuss the budgeting process and the different ways various churches approach the budget.

On our last episode our team of church leaders discussed ideas of innovation and creativity in church leadership. This week we have a Q&A style discussion about that topic.

How can you empower your laypeople to serve? Kathy Rohrs shares how to equip them to lead in the ministry of the church.

Need a sermon series to teach about ministry in the marketplace? Chris Howlett will help you teach your congregation that they can minister in any vocation.

What does Joshua have to teach the Leaders of the modern church? Jacob Armstrong shares what the biblical Jacob has to say about courage.

Who are the gatekeepers who can decide who may be used of God and who may not? Kevin Kinghorn explains how the Church lost the understanding of the priesthood of all believers.

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