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What would happen if one church invested in those young people who want to change the world? Brian Jones shares his experience with his church partnering with social entrepreneurs to make the world better.

If God can heal us, why do we need healthcare? Nicholas Cash shares why healthcare matters to God and why it should also matter to us.

How can you create godly space in your work environment? Patricia Orlando shares how you can make space for others to grow.

We've all heard bad things about woodcutters who won't stop to sharpen their axes, but does adequate rest really make that much of a difference? Nick Cash shares why you want to make sure that you are setting a healthy pace for yourself.

Do you ever find yourself and your schedule completely swamped with no down time? Nicholas Cash shares why we need to create and maintain margins in our lives.

Enjoy this insightful interview with Dwight Gibson about human flourishing.

God connects with us in many ways. Nick Cash shares how we might connect with God as we work. After all, He is a God who works.

Do you sink into a mindless state as you work at your job? Kevin Kinghorn shares the benefit of being fully present and mindful at work and how that simple act can contribute to the kingdom of God.

How can we blend work and faith? Church Leader Collective interviews Andrea Baare

Does it really matter if you work well with others? David Gyertson shares wisdom about collaboration.

As Christians seek social justice more and more, we are beginning to recognize the transformative power of social entrepreneurship. Kevin Kinghorn shares his experiences with social entrepreneurship in Africa.,

How does a Wesleyan heritage inform our thinking regarding church leadership? Church Leader Collective offers insight.

We all want good leaders and good team members, but do you know how to choose one? Lee Stevenson shares the key qualities of an ideal team player.

Does each person really have a role in the work of the Church? Kevin Kinghorn shares why even our most marginalized and weak members have a holy purpose.

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