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Biblical Perspectives

We've all heard bad things about woodcutters who won't stop to sharpen their axes, but does adequate rest really make that much of a difference? Nick Cash shares why you want to make sure that you are setting a healthy pace for yourself.

When we have had a bad day or a difficult situation at work, it is good to have someone who understands. Kevin Kinghorn explains why you might find some of those understanding friends between the covers of your Bible.

Do you ever find yourself and your schedule completely swamped with no down time? Nicholas Cash shares why we need to create and maintain margins in our lives.

Feeling like procrastinating? Kevin Kinghorn shares why fighting a bad case of the lazies might not be such a terrible thing after all.

Enjoy this insightful interview with Dwight Gibson about human flourishing.

How does economic assistance fulfill the great commission? Chris Horst shares about his ministry, HOPE International.

Could the parable of the talents have more to teach us than we realized? Maria Brown shares a unique insight.

Does it really matter if you work well with others? David Gyertson shares wisdom about collaboration.

Should the church begin to look more like a Starbucks? Faith and Work Collective interviews Jennifer Quillen about the marketplace's role in mission.

How can you help impact your colleagues' lives for the sake of the gospel? Kevin Kinghorn shares how to encourage your coworkers toward growth.

How does a Wesleyan heritage inform our thinking regarding church leadership? Church Leader Collective offers insight.

What really is a fair wage to pay employees? Kevin Kinghorn shares some things to consider when deciding what to pay valued employees.

Does each person really have a role in the work of the Church? Kevin Kinghorn shares why even our most marginalized and weak members have a holy purpose.

How much does discipleship really matter? Kevin Kinghorn shares how Christians are called to work themselves out of a job.

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