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Our thoughts become our destiny.

To rejoice in the face of trial is to swing the axe at the base of the tree of anxiety.

Joy is the surprising manifestation of the presence of God in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Christians must pursue like-mindedness not around their own disparate opinions but around the Word of God.

The Lord Jesus Christ stands as the fulfillment of every hope and aspiration of Psalm 72.

"Whether I am in chains or defending and confirming the gospel, all of you share in God’s grace with me." (Paul)

I love America, but the longer I live, the more I realize that in order to really love America, I need to love Jesus more.

Whereas the idea of a supermodel is all about maintaining a flawless outward appearance, the notion of a saint centers around a deep, internal magnificence.

Paul did not measure church growth by numbers. He measured it by maturity.

In the present day I hear a lot about Christian practices, but not too much on the concept of practice.

There is no knowing the power of his resurrection without sharing in the fellowship of his suffering, and becoming like him in his death.

As Christians, we celebrate the ascended and exalted Christ who now sits at the right hand of the Father. Praise God for our risen and exalted king!

"This is my command: Love each other." (Jesus)

Once we see the treasure of Jesus, our trophies so pale in comparison we regard them as trash.

With Jesus there is no more trying to measure up. The gospel only measures down.

Joy is that deep inner conviction that though things are not right everything is going to be alright.

Lydia raised her hand, became the first Christian in all of Europe, and quickly followed as the leader of the first church planting team.

The question we must ask ourselves is, "Why would Satan bother with attacking me?"

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