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What’s the Church Planter Collective?

The Church Planter Collective is a community of thought leaders and practitioners, from the newly minted to the veterans, committed to networking and encouraging church planters with the richness of the Wesleyan theological vision and tradition.

Who’s it for?

Church planters, network leaders, and congregations committed to multiplication.

Recent Articles

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Are you strategizing a church plant? Aaron Perry explains how your theological perspective can affect your church plant.

Paul described the church as a community in Christ that was neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, nor even male and female. In Christ, dividing walls were broken down. Instead, churches are often broken along racial lines. Listen in as we discuss how churches are working in this difficult arena of ministry.

Church planting: do you really know what it is all about? Winfield Bevins shares the truth behind 9 common myths about church planting.

We are all called to reach the lost and evangelize. But, how? Church Planter Collective shares 5 tips to help you share the gospel with others.