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What’s the Church Planter Collective?

The Church Planter Collective is a community of thought leaders and practitioners, from the newly minted to the veterans, committed to networking and encouraging church planters with the richness of the Wesleyan theological vision and tradition.

Who’s it for?

Church planters, network leaders, and congregations committed to multiplication.

Recent Articles

Do you have everything it takes to lead? Society urges us to answer yes much of the time. Brent Ingersoll found wisdom in another approach. Listen in as Pastor Brent, Senior Pastor of Kings Church in Atlantic Canada, shares about leadership that is marked by learning, humility, and Christ-centeredness.

For those who want a quick list of Advent and Christmas ideas, Church Planter Collective has boiled their seasonal series into 10 fast tips for Advent and Christmas.

How does the giving pattern of high-net-worth households affect religious institutions? David King has the breakdown.

Advent can be an incredibly difficult time for some. Luke Edwards shares three ideas for missional Advent services to serve those who may be struggling.

The Church Planter Collective has been talking about Advent. I still don't really get what Advent is or is about. Dr. Brannon Hancock, Professor of Practical Theology and Worship at Wesley Seminary joins us to help answer some questions. What is Advent (arrival)...What is it about (preparation)...How can it be practiced...all come up in today's final podcast about Advent and Worship in the Church Plant.

Sometimes God works through the most unlikely people. Anna Sadler shares how God empowered the unlikely at Christmas.

The Christmas season is the most busy season in the life of a church. Church Planter Collective shares some tips to help you survive the season.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? Seasonal affective disorder, harsh memories, loss of loved ones, dissatisfaction with life can impact people in our churches. And church planters are not immune! Perhaps in a new community, overwhelmed with planning, and being a constant support can weigh us down. Join Dr. Nate Crawford, Director of Here/Hear, an organization supporting people living with mental illness--to hear about potential ideas, resources, and encouragement in this Advent/Christmas season.

Are you longing to experience the wonder of Christmas? Anna Sadler shares some creative writing to help you get into the spirit.

Are you looking for a new tradition to bring the message of Advent home to your congregation? Jim Ozier shares a unique idea for a family candle experience.

Advent and Christmas provide great opportunities for outreach and gratitude. But how do we balance excellence with shrinking bandwidth? How do we communicate family in larger groups? Listen in as Aaron Saenz shares part of his journey and the efforts of the church he leads this season.

Does the phrase, "Happy Holidays" carry meaning for you? JD Walt shares how a shift from a holidays mindset to a holy days mindset can completely change your Advent season and possibly your life.

Nobody likes to wait, but sometimes that is exactly what we need. JD Walt shares wisdom about Advent and anticipation.

Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.