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New to a community? How do you make the most of the opportunity? How do you dive in without disrupting too many waters? Join Dr. Bob Kaylor and learn some missiological reminders to be applied to learning your new community.

You're sensing it's time to move, but what is your next step? Transitions are hard on pastors, churches, and the incoming pastor. But there is a next step. There is a way forward. Join Dr. Bob Kaylor as he describes a process for transitions.

This week we sat down with Justin Bradbury to talk about the importance of forming partnerships when planting a church and ways to do so.

This week we sat down with Justin Bradbury to discuss ministering to, with and through migrant people.

What would you say on your last Sunday at your church plant? Listen in as Adam Knight shares his final sermon. You will hear the heart of a church planter speaking life, identity, and even helping to shape the future as his time of ministry comes to an end at a church he planted.

This week we sat down with Dr. Bob Whitesel about what to expect when planting a church to avoid being surprised.

Listen as we talk with Dan and Wendy Wallace about taking into account other cultures when ministering to people from varying backgrounds.

This week we are sharing a message from Rosario Picardo from Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio.

Today Heath Mullikin sits down with Jeremy Summers and Matt LeRoy to talk about their book, Paradox.

Join Graham Singh, Executive Director of Church Planting Canada, as he shares how empty churches provide opportunities for church plants and how the church can be part of the "urban trinity," cooperating with police and municipalities.

Church planting comes in all forms. Listen in as Winfield Bevins discusses his own story in church planting, including losing two core members after six months, establishing a national church planting network, and writing, Plant: A Sower's Guide to Church Planting.

While your context may or may not be Canada, Rev Mark Parker shares insight on developing a sense of affinity for a people. Listen in to hear who is planting churches, where they are planting them, and where Canada needs church plants.

Listen in as experienced church planter and now Director of Church Multiplication for the Central Canada District of the Wesleyan Church, Rev. Mark Parker, shares lessons from his own experience. Cutting edge planters, discouraged planters, and people exploring church planting can engage with Mark's story.

Church planters aren't the only ones who need to champion church planting. Listen in as former church planter and current lead pastor, Eric Hallett, shares his passion for mission and church planting while leading an established church in the Canadian context.