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Basics (Nuts & Bolts)

What happens when you wrestle with God? Wally Harrison shares about leading with a limp.

Are you called to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares 11 ways to find out whether this is the vocation for you!

What could we possibly have in common with someone who lived thousands of years ago? Larisa Levicheva explains Jeremiah's calling and yours!

To what are church planters actually called? Church Planter Collective shares 6 reminders from Dr. Will Willimon on the calling of a church planter.

What is the best way to analyze a church's mission? Aaron Perry discusses analyzing a church plant's missiological makeup.

How can denominational leaders support the risk-taking entrepreneurs of the church? Anita Eastlack shares some practical steps for being supportive of church planters.

Is your church ready to plant? Ed Love shares wisdom on how to tell if planting a new church is right for your congregation.

Tis the season for stewardship campaigns. Adam Knight shares how to set up a plan that works with your church plant.

Are you considering planting a video venue location where the preaching and teaching will be live-streamed over a screen? Aaron Perry shares some of the benefits of this model of spreading the gospel.

How do you know if you are ready to run the race of church planting? Eric Hallett shares wisdom on knowing whether you are called as well as whether you are ready.

What can we learn from John Wesley's rediscovery of the primitive church? Matt Leroy shares what the early church could say to us now.

So you're leaving. Do you want to leave well? Adam Knight shares wisdom on how to set things up nicely for the next planter.

It is easy to get attached to your church plant. But, at some point, you will need to move on. Adam Knight shares wisdom about letting go.

Aaron Perry shares a concrete example of what it looks like to claim a gospel narrative to inform your church plant.