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Basics (Nuts & Bolts)

Are you strategizing a church plant? Aaron Perry explains how your theological perspective can affect your church plant.

Church planting: do you really know what it is all about? Winfield Bevins shares the truth behind 9 common myths about church planting.

We are all called to reach the lost and evangelize. But, how? Church Planter Collective shares 5 tips to help you share the gospel with others.

It maybe tempting, but a move may not be the best choice for you. Charles Arn shares when and why a church planter may be better suited to stay put.

How can you reach out to immigrants with cultural intelligence and sensitivity? Zach Szmara shares four helpful tips to remember.

Church planting takes resources. It takes a lot of resources. And it takes a variety of resources, including spiritual, financial, emotional, and human resources....

Not many of us actually enjoy conflict. Nigel Bryant shares some strategies for making those unavoidable conversations more productive.

How can we begin to develop the relationships needed to combat the most segregated hour in America? Christian Cheairs explains that many churches are turning to small group formats to address racial reconciliation.

How can you respond appropriately to tough issues as a pastor? Aaron Perry shares sound advice.

Do you sense a call to church planting? Stephen Elliott shares four things you can do right now to discern and prepare.

Was your Christmas good? Could it have been better? Faith Hooper shares how important it is to evaluate to see what was uplifting and what you might do differently next year.

We have heard advice from mentors in church planting, but what do their students have to say? Jeremiah Lewis shares 5 tips from a church planting mentee.

Do you want to invest in the next generation of church planters? Roz Picardo shares ways you can intentionally mentor them.

Three Reminders from the Annunciation for Planters Steve Johnson Every year, during Advent, we enter into God’s story of redemption where the Creator God chose to...