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What’s the Church Leader Collective?

Pastors often feel ill equipped for the administrative responsibilities of church leadership. The Church Leader Collective authors are committed to sharing successes, mistakes, and failures to the end of becoming more effective in our individual roles.

Distinctively, the Church Leader Collective employs the expertise not only of clergy but also of lay church leaders. We have discovered that these men and women often have more training and experience in administration, finance, and HR than we do.

Who’s it for?

Pastors, executive directors, academics, consultants, and lay leaders

Recent Articles

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Oftentimes, words utterly fail to explain the things of God. Teddy Ray shares why we should depict rather than describe.

What can something as worldly and commercialized as the iPhone teach the church? Samuel Ahn shares the strong impact of feeling like you're a part of a larger community and something that is bigger than yourself.

This week we sat down to discuss the budgeting process and the different ways various churches approach the budget.