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What’s the Church Leader Collective?

Pastors often feel ill equipped for the administrative responsibilities of church leadership. The Church Leader Collective authors are committed to sharing successes, mistakes, and failures to the end of becoming more effective in our individual roles.

Distinctively, the Church Leader Collective employs the expertise not only of clergy but also of lay church leaders. We have discovered that these men and women often have more training and experience in administration, finance, and HR than we do.

Who’s it for?

Pastors, executive directors, academics, consultants, and lay leaders

Recent Articles

Consider how you can use parables within the context of your ministry, not only for preaching but also for daily church leadership.

The power of money in our lives is too great to view stewardship as managing finances by simply moving money from one column to another.

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If we neglect our families for the sake of our ministry, we are, in effect, abandoning our first ministry.

This week, we continue our conversation with Stephanie Carey to talk about her work with Peace Catalyst International in the Balkans and what she learned about life and faith in a foreign land.

Manuals and policies, while not fun, are important. In church contexts, it's a clear way to honor people and manage expectations.

Sometimes leadership is performed not in the spotlight but from the shadows. Read this article for lessons on leadership from Aaron and Moses.

The good news is that God is aware of the challenges facing the church in North America, and he is faithfully leading people to take on the task of planting biblical communities.

This week, we sat down with Stephanie Carey to talk about her work with Peace Catalyst International in the Balkans and following God's call to bring peace to the world.

“It takes what it takes.” – Schnase Wise words to apply to life in general. Recently, I was in turmoil to help my church keep...

In today's post, John Silkauskas shares four ways to lead by integrity—both at church and at home.