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Maybe our success could be measured by our willingness to crucify our metrics. Read more from this provocative read by Sam Donica.

Read these three powerful quotes on leadership that help illuminate the Wesleyan contribution to this important calling.

Many of us never stop to think about what it takes to live into the greatest calling of all time: to be and make disciples.

If we neglect our families for the sake of our ministry, we are, in effect, abandoning our first ministry.

Manuals and policies, while not fun, are important. In church contexts, it's a clear way to honor people and manage expectations.

Sometimes leadership is performed not in the spotlight but from the shadows. Read this article for lessons on leadership from Aaron and Moses.

The good news is that God is aware of the challenges facing the church in North America, and he is faithfully leading people to take on the task of planting biblical communities.

“It takes what it takes.” – Schnase Wise words to apply to life in general. Recently, I was in turmoil to help my church keep...

In today's post, John Silkauskas shares four ways to lead by integrity—both at church and at home.

While the word “empathy” was coined fairly recently, the Christian tradition has other words which may offer more helpful language in terms of church leadership.

How can you enter a management position with grace and wisdom? Christine O'Brien has advice for you!

What is love? Jessica Fleck shares key insight from Scripture.

Just because we feel a burden for a perceived need doesn't mean we are called to do the work. We also must take into account the appropriate steps toward filling the needs we see. Mark Killam shares some solid tips for discerning and carrying out a burden-based ministry idea.

Have you ever been chased, by someone trying to get you? I have. I used to play hide and seek all the time. Getting...