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Finance and Fundraising

A capital campaign is a tough thing to undertake! Christine O'Brien shares some helpful tips for making yours a success!

On our last episode our team of church leaders discussed ideas of innovation and creativity in church leadership. This week we have a Q&A style discussion about that topic.

How can you have a vision for the future in the face of grief and loss? Christine O'Brien shares how a capital campaign taught her about building on another person's legacy.

Our team of church leaders sits down to discuss ideas of innovation and creativity in church leadership and some of the tools to help spur on that innovation.

Our team of church leaders sits down to discuss ways to motivate your staff.

How do you feel about making a budget? Most people consider it not very pleasant. Melissa Spas seeks to convince us that it is a necessary good.

Our team of church leaders continues our conversation on multisite ministry. Today, we explore the problems that can occur with multi-sites and strategies to handle them.

Most of us don't like to think about money and fundraising in ministry, but sometimes it is necessary. Bill Reid shares with us how some new federal legislation can help you have a fundraising bonanza!

Today, the Church Leader Collective begins a series of articles, podcasts, and resources on multisite ministry.

How generous were the people of the United States this year? Thad Austin shares the highlights of what you need to know about Giving USA 2016.

How generous were the people of the United States this year? David King shares a summary of Giving USA 2016.

On today's podcast, our team of Church Leaders unpack the findings from the report and compare national trends to what is happening in local congregations across the United States. 2015 was America’s most-generous year ever!

Have you found yourself operating with an old system of management that is no longer working in ministry? David King shares wisdom on making transition to a new system of management that fits changes in worldview and culture.

When we think of stewardship, chances are, we are going to immediately think of stewardship campaigns. And, stewardship campaigns mean money. But, what if we looked at it a different way? Duke Haddad shares a different way of looking at the idea of stewardship.