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Finance and Fundraising

On today's podcast, we are joined by Dr. Mac Pier to discuss Movement Day.

Are you struggling with administration? Bill Reid explains the business side of the church.

On today's podcast, we welcome Dr. Mac Pier, the founder of Movement Day and part of the New York City Leadership Center.

On today's podcast, we welcome Pew Religion Research Director, Alan Cooperman to talk about the resources offered by the Pew Research Center.

What role does religion play in the public sphere? David King has the breakdown.

How does the giving pattern of high-net-worth households affect religious institutions? David King has the breakdown.

This week we speak with Cathy about leadership from the lay person's perspective.

Listen as we sit down with Samuel Ahn to talk about #GivingTuesday and resources you can use to get your church involved in this movement!

Tired of begging for tithes and offerings? Thad Austin shares some key problems most pastors have when addressing their congregations about giving.

On today's podcast, we welcome Henry Timms, Executive Director of New York City's acclaimed cultural and community center 92 Street Y.

What thoughts does the word stewardship invoke in your mind? Duke Haddad shares how stewardship is about more than money and transactions.

This week we sat down with Dr. Aaron Perry from Indiana Wesleyan University to talk about leadership theory, leadership principles and spiritual formation.

This week we sat down Ryan Stigile from The Unstuck Group to talk about budget cuts.

This week we sat down to discuss the budgeting process and the different ways various churches approach the budget.