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What can Job's story teach us about being friends to those who suffer? Patricia Smith shares her take on Job and friendship during times of crisis.

A capital campaign is a tough thing to undertake! Christine O'Brien shares some helpful tips for making yours a success!

How can you empower your laypeople to serve? Kathy Rohrs shares how to equip them to lead in the ministry of the church.

Do you wonder how you might evangelize the many people who are wandering your church grounds looking for Pokémon? Samuel Ahn shares three instances of effective Pokévangelism that can give you ideas.

What does Joshua have to teach the Leaders of the modern church? Jacob Armstrong shares what the biblical Jacob has to say about courage.

Are you in vocational ministry? You probably know all about transition! Roger Brown offers wisdom on praying your way through difficult times.

How can you have a vision for the future in the face of grief and loss? Christine O'Brien shares how a capital campaign taught her about building on another person's legacy.

Interested in the emerging Pokevangelism? Darick Biondi shares everything you need to know in order to begin evangelizing Pokemon Go players.

Is your church a Pokémon Go stop? Jenny Williams shares how you might care for the souls of those who are looking for little critters at your church.

There are many different opinions about the digital world, but the truth is that it can be an amazing mission field. Samuel Ahn shares some ideas on digital ministry.

The grace that we expect for ourselves is not always the grace we give to others. Peter Ferguson calls into account the way we care for our clergy.

Does the new Department of Labor ruling have you concerned about how it might affect you? Church Leader Collective shares some great resources to help you remain compliant.

Are you thinking about becoming a multisite congregation? Bruce Baxter shares ministry experience from two similar transitions.

When we feel like we have failed or made a big mistake, we often want to run away. Justin Snider explains why that may be the exact opposite of what we need to do in that situation.