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This sword-like Word, like a surgical instrument, heals as it pierces, penetrates, and cuts out even the most malignant cancerous growths of sin and death in our inner being.

Are these words locked into the quiet-time compartments of our morning devotions or are we finding ways to loose them into the life-flow of the hours and minutes of our days and nights?

Only when we do God's Word can it become a blessing to others for their good and a witness to others of God's glory.

The great miracle is that the Bible, despite all of its variety and complexity, reveals a single, unifying, underlying, and overarching story.

Memorization quick-loads our short term memory. Re-memberization is of another order. It slow-loads our long term memory.

Meditation, in the biblical vision, means to fill one's consciousness with the Word of God; to relish and even devour it with deep delight.

There is no sweeter sound in any language than the audible sound of the spoken Word of God.

The Word of God must shift from a duty we perform to a desire in which we delight.

When it comes to the revealed Word of God, there is always more understanding to be grasped.

The notion of sacred space and secular space is an absurdity to the Bible. No place is too sacred and no place too profane to warrant the witness of the Word of God. 

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