Into the Light: Healing Sexuality in Today's Church 

by Mark Ongley

Into the Light

Look around your church on a Sunday morning and every face you see will likely have struggled or be struggling with some kind of sexual brokenness. While recent cultural upheaval has focused the sexuality conversation squarely on the issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, sexual brokenness presents in many other ways—infidelity, sexual abuse, incest, emotional adultery, and sexual addiction, just to name a few.

Shame keeps these struggles locked away, resulting in a lonely, dark battle without the love and support necessary to overcome it. It’s counter-intuitive, as most things in God’s Kingdom are, but true healing for our deepest issues comes not when we withdraw into darkness, but when our sorrows and scars come out into the light.

Into The Light: Healing Sexuality in Today's Church is written to begin a biblically grounded and theologically informed discussion of this beautiful gift of sexuality. Whether the context is a Sunday school class, Bible study, women’s group, or men’s breakfast, don’t be surprised if deep brokenness begins to surface—that’s the whole idea. Embrace one another with open arms, just as the Father would. The journey to healing begins when we feel safe to take the first step.

Really, another Book of the Month?

We know, we know. There is nothing special or super-imaginative about having a book of the month. After all, every publisher and their mother and Oprah has a book of the month, right?

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