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In today's Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. Anthony Headley helps us to realign ourselves to existing as boundaried persons, as God created us.

What role do miracles really have in the development of the Church today? Stephen Elliott shares the history of the miracles of God.

An evaluation of the social gospel is not a simple matter. It provided a much-needed new awareness about complex social challenges facing newly industrialized...

There is so much children's curriculum out there; how in the world do you decide? Jessica Fleck shares an important strategy for choosing products for your children's ministry.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Caleb Friedeman works through the ancient Jewish background behind the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray and helps us understand the meaning of Jesus' reference to God as Father.

What would a new pastor say to a senior pastor or DS? Ashlee Alley shares some perspective from those called "Milennial" pastors.

What is it really like to walk by faith? Kerry Davidson shares his journey of depending on God in Liberia.

Watch as Pete Greig prays for awakening in the church and in the nation in today's video clip from New Room Conference 2016.

So often, we avoid testing our faith for the fear of seeming like we doubt God. Aaron Perry shares how this is a healthy stage of faith development and how to help someone through it.