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Are you struggling to have real community? Katie Heckel shares three tips to help you interact with your neighbors in healthy ways.

In today's video, Danielle Strickland reminds us that God has a greater Exodus event today for the church.

Does engaging social media leave you scratching your head? Faith Hooper shares 10 social media tips to help you start well.

Sometimes we tend to romanticize the saints and theologians who have gone before us. Joseph Wood speculates as to whether Jerome was really so dedicated to God or just striving to earn God's acceptance.

Has it been a long winter for you? Let this Weekly Breather help you unfold your leaves and soak in the light of God's presence.

What characteristics do worship leaders share with the friends of the paralytic man in Luke 5? Emily Vermilya shares the passion and motivation of a worship leader.

Yes, there really are people whose sole vocation it is to raise money for religious organizations. Thad Austin shares all about these organizations.

Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose from the grave for more than just our forgiveness. In today's Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Matt O'Reilly explains the critical connection between Christ's resurrection and our holiness.

Planning sermons ahead can benefit more than just the pastor. Bob Kaylor talks with Tom Fuerst and Ty Garvey about long range sermon planning.