What does Joshua have to teach the Leaders of the modern church? Jacob Armstrong shares what the biblical Jacob has to say about courage.

This week we sat down with Justin Bradbury to discuss ministering to, with and through migrant people.

Are you afraid of hurting someone's feelings if you turn anyone down for the praise team? Matthew Sigler shares his experiences with auditions, good and bad.

Is your mind plagued with nagging questions that won't go away? Do you long for answers that never seem to come? Patricia Taylor shares about letting go of one crippling question, and why you should ditch it too.

The Bible must be read in context. This seems obvious enough, but how does that work out in terms of its literary and historical context, and how does this make a difference? Watch more as Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. Ben Witherington help us understand why context matters.

We all want to grow our churches, but sometimes we thwart ourselves. Duane Brown from The Mission Society shares some solid advice on how not to shoot yourself in the foot.

Do you know where you are? Do you know where you're going? See if the Lord has something to tell you through this Weekly Breather.

Listen as Jeremy Steele sits down with Debra Hirsch to wrestle with gender.

Who are the gatekeepers who can decide who may be used of God and who may not? Kevin Kinghorn explains how the Church lost the understanding of the priesthood of all believers.