Listen as Jeremy Steele and Phil Tallon explore the classic roles that our pastor plays in our lives.

The command of Christ is to go into all the world and make disciples of all people. Max Wilkins shares some information about some top countries that are being re-evangelized and how you can pray for them.

What is missing from the church in North America? Stephen Elliott explains that the power and work of the Holy Spirit is what will set the church on fire once again.

Our team of church leaders continues our conversation on multisite ministry. Today, we explore the problems that can occur with multi-sites and strategies to handle them.

What part of worship grabs your heart and makes your breath catch in your chest? Brian Rhea shares how the Doxology fills his heart with awe and wonder.

We constantly evaluate the value of resources. So, sometimes, we tend to treat people like they are resources and make judgments about their value to us. Jim Kinder shares a sermon about what happens when we choose to value all people.

Jesus says that in this world, we will have trouble. Trouble is the norm. Marilyn Elliott shares the answer to getting past the stink.

We are back this week with Dr. Scott Wenig talking about structuring the sermon.

So often, we talk about what we are against. But, what are we for? Matt LeRoy explains that if we are imitators of God and following the command of Christ, we are to be for people.